Deploy Fast, Without Breaking Things: Level Up APIOps With OpenTelemetry
02-03, 13:10–13:40 (Europe/Brussels), aw1126

For developers building distributed applications, few things are more frustrating than having an API break unexpectedly. When an API changes in a backwards-incompatible way, it can disrupt downstream consumers. Suddenly, applications start failing, integrations break, and developers are left scrambling to fix the issues.

How can developers deploy changes fast without breaking APIs and maintain stability for consumers? By adding modern observability techniques to their APIOps pipeline.

In this talk, we will start together from a traditional APIOps pipeline in ArgoCD and explore how incorporating modern observability techniques can help developers deploy changes quickly and efficiently while maintaining stability for API consumers.

In this presentation, Sonja (Group Product Manager in the API space) and Adnan (5 years in the observability space) are combining their expertise to present best practices for detecting and resolving API issues in production.

This talk will be helpful for developers working with APIs, helping them extend their GitOps practices by using distributed tracing in pre-production to identify and fix issues before they reach production.

But it will also be helpful for any users of OpenTelemetry, Jaeger and/or ArgoCD.

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